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Full Side Braid


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A full side braid is an elegant way to style the hair that can be perfect for a casual occasion and this style can be worn in a messy as well as loose. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it can give a great look. Just follow these simple steps to create a full side braid that looks sleek and beautiful.
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To create this hairstyle sleek, first comb your hair to get rid of any tangles. Then spread a straightening serum all over the hair to control any flyaways. Create a deep part at the side of your head and comb your hair around the back of the head towards the opposite side of your head. Make sure that the hair must come under the ear and the back of your head must be smooth. Start braiding the hair under the ear just like a normal braid and then secure the hair at the end using hair elastic. The hair must be tightly woven to make it stay intact for the day. Now mist the braid and back of the head using a light-hold hairspray. At last style the bangs to coordinate along with the braid and pull it in a side-sweep by pinning them back across your forehead. Make sure to secure any loose and too-short hairs using bobby pins. You can also leave some hair loosely flowing on your shoulder to create a messy braid.
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