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Rihanna With Curly Mohawk


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Rihanna is a wearing a curly Mohawk that is created on a hair that is naturally curly. This hairstyle can give a unique look on anyone and it can also make you look completely different. Those who are planning to create a punk rock look this one can be the perfect choice. Most of the celebrities have been spotted with this hairstyle on many occasions. This style is usually worn by the rockers and at present it has become a fashion among many peoples. It is a perfect choice for attending a special event or a night club.
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To create this hairstyle, begin the styling process by washing your hair fully and moisturize it with pomade. Then use about eight hair pins to curl your hair and wrap it using a bandana. Leave bandana on the hair for about eight hours and remove curlers to achieve the fluffy hair. Try to comb your hair up at the center and make the Mohawk shape. Make sure your hair looks sleek on the sides using a big and curly hair which should run down the center of your head. Finally secure your hair using hair pins and add a little amount of pomade over the hair to end the styling process. It is very easy to create this style, but make sure that the length of your hair is at least medium to long. Creating a curly hair is a perfect way to achieve a Mohawk style without shaving head.
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