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Uneven Wispy Bob


uneven wispy bob uneven wispy bob2
Having an hairstyle with uneven wispy bob can give a classic look. This hairstyle is usually worn above the shoulders and it involves straight-cut ends. The wispy bob can be worn above your shoulders and the end of the hair will vary in length to create both movement as well as texture.
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To create this hairstyle, first spritz all over the hair with water. Then separate the hair into seven sections including left side, right side, left crown, right crown, top, left nape and right nape of the neck. Leave about half inch hair down around your head to determine how long the wispy bob will be created. Brush the front hair straight down to cut it straight across using scissors. Continue combing and cutting rest of the hair to match length of the first section. Make sure your back sections match the front sections and comb it straight up into the air. Next part your hair down the middle to cut it just like the others and make sure they are as same length as the other sections. Now drag the razor toward the ends starting about 3-4 inches away from the hair ends. Cut the hair inward slightly to make the razor cut diagonally from the starting point. Use this method of cutting the hair all over your head. At last twist the bangs around your fingers and cut it with a strong diagonal line to achieve a feathered effect.
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