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Flat Front Mohawk


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A flat front Mohawk is a unique hairstyle that can give a straightforward look. IN this hairstyle there will be a single strip of hair which will run down the center of your shaved head. It can be made completely unique by adding a range of colors as well as fine-tuning width and length of the haircut.
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To get this style, first check the width of the Mohawk you would like to have. To create a Mohawk with flat front edge, cut the hair wider than 1 1/2 to 3 inches and to make a flat-front cut try to have the same width as the distance between your eyes. Next part your hair along the left side using a comb at the point where you would like to keep the edge. Create the part as straight as possible and it should not run zigzag or crooked. Now shave the hair on the left side using a pair of hair clippers and gently move going against the grain of your hair. In case the hair is longer, try to trim the portion using a blending attachment of the clippers. Use the same hair cutting technique on the right side of your head and make sure both the sides look same. Now shave off the remaining part of the hair with a razor or keep the bald edges trimmed using a set of clippers. To get a flat front, use hair brush and styling products like styling wax or gel.
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