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Hairstyle With Track Braids


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Track braids are usually woven with a unique method that depends on your desired effect. One of the most intricate of the stranded braids are it is also most versatile which can be plaited into various complex designs as well as styles.
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To get this style, first wash and dry your hair. Then use styling products like gel or hairspray to make braiding easier. Next tilt your head forward and select the place to start the braid. To create longer extensions, braid must kept be lower on the head and to get shorter extensions braid the hair a little higher on the head. Separate your hair across the head about the width of your finger which will be the size of your track. Tie your hair under the track along with an elastic band and keep it out of the hair. Now divide your hair into three equal pieces to braid it horizontally. Take three equal size pieces of hair to make underhand braid by twisting right strand under middle strand to make a new middle strand. Use the left strand by twisting the hair under middle strand and make it new middle strand. Twist your right strand under middle strand and collect a small piece of hair with it. Start braiding your hair all the way across the head horizontally and secure the end with an elastic band. Leave the braid end loose which will be folded back and hidden while adding the hair extensions.
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