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Ponytail Half-Up Do


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Ponytail half-up dos are one of the best hairstyle suitable for special events. Most of the women wear this hairstyle as it is considered to be a classic way of styling the hair. It can give a soft as well as casual look even and it also helps to keep the hair away from your face. Here are few simple steps to create this hairstyle at home.
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Begin the styling with a dry hair and roll it with a set of large rollers into your hair. To create short bangs, try to put the hair in the rollers and for long, side swept bangs also must be rolled. Once the rollers become completely cool, try to remove them gently from the hair. Use the fingers to shake the curls out to get voluminous waves. Separate the hair into two sections and adjust the amounts of hair based on the shape of your face. Pull top hair to a side and smoothen your hair around the head using your fingers or wide-toothed comb. Start curling the hair with a curling iron and if you want to have tighter curls, use a curling iron on your hair. Select a barrel size which is based on the size of your curl such as smaller barrels can help to make tighter curls and larger barrels for getting loose curls. Finally mist the hair with a hairspray and add hair accessories such as barrette, jewelry or tiara.
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