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Grecian Braid


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Grecian braid is a very complex looking hairstyle where one or more braids will be wrapped around your head like a circle. The hair texture will be irrelevant in this style and it can be worn curly, wavy or even straight by anyone. This hairstyle can be created in two different ways such as the braid can be made on one side and wrapped around or braid will be fixed from one side to other.
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First part your hair across the crown starting from ear to ear at one point where the braid will be laid. Continue to part your hair from highest point of the division down the middle of your crown near the bridge of the nose. Now there will be three sections of hair such as two on both side of your face and one larger section at the back. Take the back section of the hair and secure it with an alligator clip or a ponytail holder. Start braiding the two front sections and divide left portion of hair into three strands. Cross rightmost strand over center strand to send it to the right side of your leftmost strand. Cross your leftmost strand over center strand and pull all the three strands to a side to tighten the weave. Use this method until the entire section of the hair is braided and do the same on the other side of the hair. Take both the braids on top of the head creating a circlet.
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