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Hairstyle With Marley braids


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Marley braids are one of the most popular hairstyle among African American women as they wear the hair naturally. This hairstyle is considered to be very easy to achieve as it allows a variety of different dos. It is very easy to create on the natural hair as it can keep you looking groomed as well as neat. The hairstyle is a perfect choice for short and long hair where it only needs about one inch of hair to be worn.
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To get this style, first wash your with a shampoo and condition it as normal. Now part the hair horizontally about 3/4 inch from nape of the neck with a rattail comb. Create a 3/4 inch vertical part from left side of the hair line and do the same on the right side of the head depending on your preference. There will be a square section of the hair that will be separated from the rest. Secure the rest of your hair away from the square section using bobby pins or hair clips. Mist the hair with water and spread a little amount pomade to the section. Start applying the pomade into your hair particularly at the ends of your hair as it will be usually dry. Use fine-toothed end of the rattail comb to brush the pomade through. Now separate the square section into two different sections on a diagonal part and twist them together. After reaching the crown, select which way to part your hair.
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