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Blow Out Bob Hairstyle


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Bobs are one of the most unique hairstyle that can be created with a curly and wavy hair. Creating a blow out bob can give a still more unique look which can be achieved with blow dryer. There are few simple that must be followed to get this hairstyle or just attaching the hair with a blow dryer will not give this style.
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First wash and condition the hair as usual. Then spread a frizz-reducing serum all over the hair when it is still damp. Use bobby pins to divide the bob into four large sections. Take a three inch section of hair to run the fingers through to get rid of tangles. Blow dry the hair on a medium setting from roots to the fingertips and smooth it with a brush. Now sweep the four inch section into the paddle brush using a downward motion to create sleek, smooth, straight hairstyles or use a round brush to make curls, waves, textures. Face the blow dryer at your brush and pull it downward in one smooth motion. In case the hair is not smooth and try to make it straight after the blown out process. Use a burst of cool air from the blow dryer to close the cuticle and get into the style. Use the same method on the other sections of the hair and flip the ends of the bob under using a round brush to create curls or waves.
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