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Miley Cyrus With Hair Tendrils


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Miley Cyrus has got a hairstyle with tendrils that are one of the classic way of styling your hair only for special occasions. It can be a perfect choice for a formal event or an evening party. You can get a whimsy touch to the hairstyle by just curling tendrils instead of using hairpins. Most of the people like many celebrities want to have this hairstyle because it can give a grand as well as unique look. You will be able to curl the tendrils to add a feminine look to your hairstyle.
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To create hairstyle with tendrils, first curl your hair tendrils with a right-size curling iron because there different types curling irons that have interchangeable barrels for creating different types of hair curls. Now create an updo by taking the entire hair at the back and leave few hairs over front of your head. Start heating the curling iron which must be used on the tendrils a night before styling the hair. Try to avoid spraying a hairspray while using a curling iron which will make the hair frizzy once it is being curled. Try to use a curling iron by just rolling your hair around the iron and keep it away from your scalp during this process. Make sure to leave the curling iron about ten seconds on the hair before releasing your hair from it. Finally mist the hair with a little amount of hairspray to prevent any flyaways and end the stylign process.
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