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Hairstyle With Tiny Ringlets


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Creating tiny ringlets can be a difficult job for most of the women and it can also consume more time than the standard curls. There are many people who like to wear this hairstyle, but due to the lack of time they avoid wearing it. You can create tiny ringlets on different hair types such as curly, wavy and straight.  Those who have short hair, try to use a curling iron starting from pencil size to 1 inch in diameter.
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To create tiny ringlets on curly or wavy hair, first wash your hair with a shampoo and keep it slightly damp during the styling process. Spread a styling product such as a soft-hold gel or mousse over the hair. Now use hair clips to secure the hair that is not used for styling away from the face. If you hair is short, this step can be avoided. Start winding a small section of hair around the index finger and roll it all the way to the scalp around your finger. Now you must release the section of hair to get a tiny ringlet curl. Use the same process on the other parts of the hair to create tiny ringlets. While creating this hairstyle, make sure to work on the hair sections that are less than one inch in wide to make it look best with uniform results. Avoid brushing the hair with a comb as it can pull the curls which will create frizz.
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