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Hairstyle With Fishtail Bangs


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Fishtail bangs are the most beautiful and elegant way of styling the bangs. It is very easy to create gentle and soft braids which incorporate bangs as a pulled back hairstyle. The bangs can be modified without using any hair clips or a headband.
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To create this style, first comb the hair to get rid of tangles. Then make a side part over middle of the left eye and pull the hair at the right side of your face. Comb the bangs to a side of your face and spread a pea-sized amount of smoothing serum all over the hair to control flyaways. Take four inch section of hair at the temple and try to add long pieces of hair in this section to create length as well as volume for the braiding. Now take a small piece of hair from the outer edge of right part of your hair and fold it into the center part of sectioned hair. Add this small strand into your left side and pull taut. Next collect a small section of hair from outer edge of left part of the hair and pull it over left side to fold into the center part. Continue to pull small sections of hair from outer edge of the parted sections and then fold it over to the opposite side. Add hair elastic around the base of your fishtail braid and stop it just behind your ear to end the styling process.
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