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Taking Care Of Pre-Locked Hair


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A pre-locked hair must be taken care very in a proper way to make it grow healthy. There are different ways to take of the pre-locked hair. Most of them will leave it naturally to grow and avoid using a comb or conditioners as it can lock on its own. Try to use a backcombing and knotting process which can be completed in very less time. Make sure to keep it as your routine work to keep them clean and healthy.
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To take care of a pre-locked hair, first wash the hair very often at least once in a week to create dreadlocks. Sometimes it is known that washing your hair can give you a great look, but washing will remove the natural oils from the scalp. Wash the hair using a shampoo bar and avoid using drugstore shampoos as well as conditioners as it will contain moisturizers which can hydrate the hair. Apply wax to the hair when it is still wet and make sure to spread it from root of the hair to tip every 2-3 days. Wear a hat or a towel on your pillow while going to bed in the night. Try to roll each lock starting from the root to tip every 2-3 days and it will keep the locks together. The rolling motion usually consists of rolling your lock between both of the hands. After the hair starts growing, backcomb the hair with a fine-tooth comb.
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