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Hairstyle With Inward Braid


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Inward braid is the most classic way of creating a hairstyle that can be worn on any type of hair. In this hairstyle, the braids will turn inward with raised braid lying over the scalp. It is also the most favorite hairstyle among the celebrities who wear it only for special events. The hairstyle is very much similar to a French braid which can be created in different variations. This style can be created with any type of hair starting from short long in length. It is usually created nice and loose which can achieved by following these steps.
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To begin the styling process, first you must select a section of hair. Then divide this section into three different parts. Take one of the outside parts of the hair and swap it over the top of your middle section of hair. Now select the opposite outside section of the hair and swap it over top of your current middle section of hair Take a small separate part of the hair and include it with the outside sections of hair. Use the same method on each section of the outside parts of hair. Continue this process until all of the hair is integrated into the Inward Braid. Finally mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling. Try to create this hairstyle more tight and intricate by dividing smaller parts of the hair as well as pulling the parts tighter.
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