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Fishtail Bun


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Fishtail bun is one of the most stylish way of styling the hair for a special event. There is no need to get help from any hairstylist to get this style as it can be achieve at home without any help. There are few important techniques that can be followed to create this style without any effort.
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To create this style, first smoothen all of the hair to get rid of tangles. Then collect the entire hair it at the nape of your neck. Then blow out the curly or wavy hair to continue the styling process. Try to wrap a hairband around the hair to create a low pony. Divide your hair into two side-by-side sections and take a skinny chunk of hair about 1/4 inch wide from right hair section. Pull it over and comb it with the rest of the section of your hair on the left side. Make sure to pull your hair tight and take a little chunk of hair from left section over top by incorporating it into the section at the right side. Repeat the same process until your braid is complete. Hold the braid using a tonal or clear hairband and leave an inch hair unbraided at the end. Remove the hairband from the base of your head and twist the fishtail braid up toward the ear. Continue to twist the hair by wrapping it gently around itself and secure it with bobby pins to complete the styling.
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