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Katniss Braid


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Katniss braid is a style that was worn by Katiniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games. This hairstyle will provide an opportunity to try many different styles. It is one of the simplest way of braiding your hair that can give romantic as well as old-fashioned look. Just follow these simple steps to create this hairstyle at home.
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It is easy to create this hairstyle, first comb your hair with a natural bristle brush. Try to keep the hair slightly damp during the styling process which will help to create the braid easier. Make sure to brush the hair into tiny snarls and remove the tangles. Now take your hair over to one side of the head and brush it to be sure it’s completely smooth. Then separate your hair into three equal parts, starting under your ear. Start braiding your hair and add a small hair band to the end of the hair. Add a little amount of mousse or a styling gel to control the flyaways only if required. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place neat and under control. Start braiding the hair with your eyes closed without watching a mirror. Make sure use only coated hair bands to secure the hair and avoid using regular rubber bands as they can damage the hair. You can also weave the braid with a colorful ribbon to make it look unique.
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