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Scene Bangs Hairstyle


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Scene bangs are usually considered to be an evolution from the emo style that can be styled along with heavy makeup and emotional outlook. It is one of the most favorite hairstyle among the teens and young adults. This style can be difficult to achieve on your own while doing it for the first time as you need to cut the hair into sharply angled scene bangs.
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To create this hairstyle, first your must dampen the hair with water and brush with a comb to get rid of frizz as well as flyaways. Then brush the front section of your hair on the forehead and try to comb it straight down in front of the face. The bangs can be kept chunkier by adding more hair in this section. Start cutting the hair across this section and try to cut it as high as possible. The hair will usually look longer when it is wet and keep about an inch longer than on a downward angle at the right or left of your head. If you like to part the hair on the left, try to cut it on an angle to the right and just opposite for a part on the right. Use your fingers or a hair brush as a guideline to hold the hair during the cutting process. To make this style look authentic, blow dry the bangs to the side and keep it slightly over your left or right eye.
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