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Layered Bun Hairstyle


layered bun layered bun2
A layered bun is a very simple and beautiful hairstyle can be worn for a formal occasion. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who have a layered hair and make sure that you have at least medium to long hair in length. It is a sophisticated hairstyle that is also suitable for a dinner or wedding.
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It is very simple and easy to create this hairstyle, first tease the hair with a comb to make it completely smooth on top of your hair. Divide the hair into two sections just behind the ears. Keep the back section of your hair and create a ponytail. Try to loop and fold the hair into the nape of your neck. Hold the hair in place using bobby pins at the back of your head. Try to keep the outside sections of your bun to a side of your head and then secure it with a bobby pin. Make sure to push the bobby pin into the bun to keep it hidden. Now take the front section of the hair and keep it on top of the bun. Keep the section of hair on top of the corresponding side and secure it with bobby pins at the base of your bun. Use the same method on the other part of the hair that was divided earlier to end the styling process. Try to match this hairstyle with a proper outfit to make it look more attractive.
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