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Adding Fusion Extensions


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One of the most convenient alternative way of growing long hair is by adding fusion extensions. It can also help you to wear versatile hairstyles without waiting for the natural hair to grow. The fusion extensions are made of a bonding tip which allows attachment to the hair and this process usually involves connecting fusion extension to the natural hair using a bonding device which heats the extensions with the natural hair.
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To add fusion extensions to the hair, first make a horizontal section of your hair using a rat-tail comb. Then divide the front part of your hair to secure it using a hair clip. Take a small cluster of strands about 25 pieces to attach bonding devices at the root of your natural hair. Attach the heating device to bonding attachment and avoid going too close to your scalp. Start rolling the bonding attachment between the fingers till it gets flattened and cooled off. Keep it downward during the cooling process and try to use more extensions to make your hair look full. Continue the same method all over your head and stop it when you reach the crown of your head. Leave your natural hair around the edges which will be used to hide fusion extensions. Now lift hair up to style it as per your desire. The extensions are usually left in the hair for several months and you can also experiment with different hairstyles during this period.
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