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Hairstyle With Highlights


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Hair highlights are usually used to add depth as well as character to the hairstyle. It is not easy for everyone to go to a salon to get this coloring treatment. There are few application of hair color that can be a little tricky and it needs some practice to so it at home. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to add highlights to your hair using the right tools without going to a salon.
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Select a hair coloring kit which has few shades lighter than your hair. There are many kits that are equipped with gloves and brushes, but try to purchase it separately. Start mixing the hair color just before you use and while applying the highlights for the first time, try to mix only half of the solution as you will need some more time to get adjusted. Secure the hair up and leave only a small section at back of your head. Spread a light layer of petroleum jelly near the hairline to avoid the coloring solution from your skin. Take a small section of hair that will be highlighted and use a doubled piece of coloring foil by pulling it tight toward the root. Apply a small amount of coloring solution with the acrylic brush and use it on the strand of hair evenly. Follow the same procedure every 3-6 months to touch up the roots and apply hair coloring only to the roots.
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