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Princess Braid With Sticks


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Princess braid is a very simple and beautiful way of styling the hair only for special events. This hairstyle can be created with a ponytail along with two sticks to make it look completely unique. Hair sticks are used to create this style as they have a simple design and it can hold an updo very effectively as well as stylishly.
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To create a princess braid, first apply a small amount of mousse in your hands and spread it through your hair. The mousse applied will help to control the flyaways and it can also make the hair more manageable. Then comb the hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. Next pull the hair back to create a sleek ponytail at the center of the head and secure it using an elastic hair band. Now separate the ponytail into half and start braiding each of them into two separate braids. Secure the end of each braid using an elastic hair band. Try to coil two braids around to create a large braided bun at the back of your head and continue to coil the braids until you reach the ends of the hair. Tuck the hair ends of the braid into the center of your bun. Add hair stick into the bun to weave the end of the stick in and out so the end protrudes out from upper right corner of your bun. At last mist the hair with a spray to hold it in place.
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