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Blown Out Afro hairstyle


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Blown out Afro hair is a very unique way of styling the hair and it usually involves a blow dryer that is used to stretch out the tightly curled hair. Then the hair is style with a flat iron to smoothen and flatten the tresses. This hairstyle will help for a myriad of styling options and one of the most important thing that must be followed to achieve this style is to understand the way to manage the process.
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To create this hairstyle, comb your hair every day using a flat paddle brush which will help to prevent frizz and prevent tangles. The blow-out leaves will be thicker in the African-American hair which is straight and it is important to brush it. The paddle brush can be the perfect choice to get rid of any tangles without breaking the hair. Then wrap the hair before going to bed in the night to keep it straight. Avoid using a flat iron to make the hair straight and make a bee-hive style wrap using setting lotion which will allow you to comb it down in the morning. Now you will be having locks which will be straight as they are while getting a blow-out. Try to avoid make the hair wet as a slightest bit of moisture can turn the super sleek blow-out into a puff ball. Wear hat while going out in a rain or tuck the hair into a bun to avoid rain water falling on the hair.
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