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Bump Updo Hairstyle


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A bump updo is a hairstyle that involves a quiff with the bangs. The bump is usually created to add height and volume to any updo and the most important way to achieve this style is by creating this style is plenty of backcombing so that you lift the hair at the roots.
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To get this style, divide the front section of your hair to form the bump. Then brush the hair in front of the part forward and keep the back section away with a sectioning clip. Take a one inch segment of hair from front section loosely between the fingers and backcomb it by brushing against the direction of the hair growth from the ends to the roots. Continue the backcombing process until you reach the desired height. Now smooth backcombed segments of hair using your fingers and layer the segments on one another to create a single, firm curve. Mist the complete front section of hair using a firm hold hairspray to adjust the height and shape. Next fold backcombed front section of the hair back on itself at the crown with height and lift. Hold the hair in place using hair grips and hairspray. Take the back section of hair to create a ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair band. Now wrap a one inch wide strand of hair from side of your ponytail around the base and tuck the ends under the hair band.
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