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Jessica Biel With Power Bangs


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Jessica Biel is wearing a hairstyle with power bangs that is a common way of styling the hair in different parts of the world. In this hairstyle, the hair will be large and it will project from the top of your scalp near the forehead with great lengths. It can be achieved by adding texture to your bangs and creating a wispy effect. There are different ways of styling the bangs, but this one can be the best among them. It is usually created at home without any help from a hairstylist and this is considered to be the best thing about this hairstyle.
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To achieve this style, start cutting your bangs and try to keep it tangle-free. Then brush your hair straight down and separate the bangs which are thick for adding more texture to your hair. Next use a rat-tail comb to brush the hair horizontally on the center of your bangs and pull the top layer of your hair up as well as at the crown of your head. Secure your hair in place using a hair clip and keep the hair in your hand in the middle of pointer finger and use the middle finger to cut it. Try to get vertical cuts at the bottom layer of your hair and continue it across the bangs until you reach lower layer. Now take the upper layer of your hair and comb the bangs to end your styling process.
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