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Curly Fishtail Braid


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A curly fishtail braid is a very simple way of styling the long hair without using any hair products or accessories. This hairstyle is an alternative to the classic braid that is suitable for any types of hair, but it must be at least shoulder-length. It is a perfect choice for any occasions starting from casual to more formal events. Before starting the styling, make sure to keep the layers smooth as it will fall out of the braid to give a more relaxed look.
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To begin the hairstyling, first mist all over the hair with a hairspray. Then divide the hair into two equal parts at the back of your head. First take right section of the hair in your right hand and lift half-inch section of the hair from outside of the left section using your left hand. Take the hair from the area at the base of your ear to create a scaly look and cross it to the inside of your right section. Use the same method on the other side of your head. Next hold the left section of the hair in your left hand and use your right hand to cross half-inch section of the hair from right side over the inside of your left section. Continue to cross small sections of your hair over to the opposite side till you reach the end of the hair. At last secure the end of the hair using snag-free elastic.
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