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Kara Tointon With Tall Bun


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Kara Tointon is wearing tall bun that is the most dramatic way of styling the hair for a special event. In this hairstyle, there will be a bun placed on top of your crown along with a great height and volume. It can be easily created to get a perfect look for those who have stick-straight hair. This hairstyle is very common among the teenagers and most of the celebrities also like to wear it as it can give a simple as well as beautiful look.
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To create a tall bun, first straighten your hair with a flat iron to in one inch sections. Next apply a small amount of shine enhancing serum over your hair. Then take the entire section of your hair to make a high ponytail on top of the crown. Try to have more impact of the hair if the bun is placed higher on your head. Hold the ponytail in place with elastic and twist it at the center of your head. Now secure your bun with elastic and tuck the strands by using bobby pins. Then slick the hair with a hair gel to make it smoother and look sleek. Use a little amount of hairspray to sprtiz all over your hair to keep the bun in place. Add a faux hair piece over the natural bun to make it look thick and long. This hairstyle can be created with short hair by using hair extensions.
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