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Hairstyle With Blonde Bangs


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Blonde bangs are usually created with a bleach solution that has powdered bleach along with a developer. It is very important to get help from a hairstylist before applying color to your hair as it can cause damage. While bleaching the bangs, make sure to apply it carefully to avoid the roots of surrounding hair as well as causing stripes on the hairline.
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To get blonde bangs, first mist the hair with water and brush the bangs forward. Hold the rest of your hair away from your face using a ponytail holder. Then spread a petroleum jelly on your hairline to save your skin. Start mixing the bleaching product as per the directions mentioned by the manufacturer and fold a half inch flap of foil. Keep the foil under your bangs by pressing the flap of foil over the petroleum jelly at your hairline to keep the bleach from entering onto your skin. Now comb over the bleach at the root and make sure you don’t spread it beyond the part. Try to brush the bleach over and under your hair. Then fold the foil without any hair on it to cover the hair being bleached and leave the bleach to set for some time. Now you must open the foil carefully and rinse the bangs using cold water. At last spread an intense conditioning mask over the bangs to repair the cuticle of your hair and prevent it from looking brittle.
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