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Highlighting A Zig-Zag Part


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Highlighting a zig-zag part can be really interesting for those who have short or long hair. It can add an extra dimension to your hair by breaking the block colors. This hairstyle is a fun alternative to the traditional middle part and anyone can create their own highlights without any problem at home. Here is a simple method to highlight the zig-zag part.
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To create this hairstyle, first comb the hair using a paddle brush to get rid of any knots. Brush the hair forward to make the end to touch the scalp. Gently move the hair brush in an alternating diagonal pattern starting from back of the crown of your head towards the front hairline. Next make a zig-zag part by brushing the left and right sections of parting to the side of your head. Now follow the instructions on the hair color packaging and the hair color must have smooth consistency when mixed. Use a new mascara wand in your hair color and then wipe it on the side of a plastic container. Spread the hair color over the section of your hair and start it about quarter-inch away from your scalp. Run the hair color till the ends of your hair and use the same method on the remaining sections of hair. Make sure to leave the color on your hair for a specified time mentioned on the package. At last wash the hair by using a shampoo and condition it as usual.
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