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Loose Grecian Braid


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Grecian braid is a perfect hairstyle that can give a complex look on any type of hair starting from short to long. There are different versions in styling the braid and one of them is the loose Grecian braid. Most of the celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle only for special events as it can give a unique as well as beautiful look.
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Wash your hair and condition it as usual. Then apply any leave-in products on the hair when it is still wet. Part your hair across the crown ear to ear where you want to place the braid. Continue to part your hair from highest point of this division towards the middle of the crown. Now you will be having three sections of hair such as two on both the side of your face and one larger section at the back. Hold the back section of hair into an alligator clip or a ponytail holder. Start braiding the two front sections and divide the left part of hair into three strands. Cross rightmost strand over center strand to make it lie at the right side of your leftmost strand. Then cross leftmost strand over center strand and pull all the strands to a side to tighten the weave. Use the same method to style the hair on the other side of the head. Bend the braids up at the top of your head and secure the hair in place.
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