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Amber Heard With Bleach Blonde Hair


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Amber Heard has got a bleach blonde hairstyle that can be achieved on any type of hair starting from short to long. Creating this style is not easy as it looks because, you must follow a proper method to style the hair as it can cause damage to your hair permanently. There are many people who will usually bleach their hair with a professional hair colorist, but it can be done at home by using proper techniques and good quality of hair products.
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It is easy to get this hairstyle, wash your hair fully to remove any existing hair color. Next purchase a hair bleaching kit at a recognized store and a recognized brand or get help from a professional hairstylist for the bleach that is an important part in the styling process. Start applying the bleach from back of the head as the hair will be very dark in that place. Continue bleaching the hair at the front of your head and try to make sure that the bleach is done in a very quick time as well as carefully with a proper tool. Leave your hair for some time or the time mentioned on the styling product and rinse your hair using warm water. At last use a shampoo to wash the bleach over your hair till the water becomes completely clean. You can also use white vinegar or a lemon juice to wash your hair to remove the remaining bleach residue.
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