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Bleached Mohawk Hairstyle


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A Mohawk is a very unique hairstyle that can be worn to get attractive look. This style can be made more unique by bleaching it to look blonde. The bleaching is a very simple method which can be done in minute by a professional hairstylist and you can also do it at home. There are bleach kits that has been designed to lighten your hair color and if you have naturally dark hair, then try to bleach it in stages. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in creating this hairstyle at home.
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To achieve bleached Mohawk hairstyle, first wash and condition the hair a day before the styling process. Next brush the Mohawk to get rid of any tangles. Take the bleaching kit and go through the directions as each manufacturer will have their own instruction. Wear plastic gloves to save your hand from the chemicals and then mix the bleach as per the directions. Start applying the bleach to the hairline first and use fingertips to massage the hair color into the hair follicles. Spread the bleach to the front of your hawk first and move your way back. Continue the bleaching process from root to tip till the entire hawk is saturated. Leave the hair for the recommended time and wash the hawk with a luke warm to cool water. Now apply a conditioner into your hair which is color-safe and style your hair as usual with the Mohawk.
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