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Lady Of Rage With Afro Puff


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Lady of rage is a wearing a hairstyle with afro puff that can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it. It is mostly worn by the kids because it can give a simple as well as retro look. This hairstyle can be made more attractive by adding ribbons and color. It allows you to create many puffs on your head which is a very easy way of creating it. There are few women who like to have this hairstyle, but it is mostly worn by kids. This style can consume lot of time, so it is better to get help from a hairstylist.
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To create this style, begin your styling process on the hair which is fully washed. Then spread a generous amount of leave-in conditioner over your hair and leave it to dry on its own. Make sure that your hair is tangle-free by brushing it with a comb or hair brush. Now part your hair into sections to make the afro puff. Hide the coated hair band around each section of your hair and use plain rubber band to secure the hair tightly. Try to make sure you don’t lose hair after removing the hair band. At last brush the afro puff with your fingers and then use a hair brush to remove any tangles. Try to use a cap over your head after creating the hairstyle to make the afro puff last for a long time instead of creating it every day.
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