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Squiggly Braid


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Squiggly braids can give a cool look and it also help to keep your tresses away from your eyes. This hairstyle can give a fresh vibe to various outfits starting from sophisticated to sultry and conservative to casual. It can just add a fun twist to a traditional hairstyle. Even though it looks very difficult to achieve this style, it usually takes few additional minutes to create.
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To get this hairstyle, brush the hair to remove tangles and make a smooth platform. Now create a side part and collect three inch section from the hair on the thicker side. Start braiding the hair near your roots and stop it three inches above the tip. Divide three sections at the bottom of your braid with the fingers and place the thumb as well as forefinger at the bottom of the braid. Now hold the center tail with your two fingers and use one hand to hold the three tails apart. Next slide the fingers up at the middle tail section on top of your head to moves two side tails upward. There will be a scrunched up braid on top of your head about three inches long. Push your braid slightly downward using your free hand and loosen each knot a bit to see a squiggle. Keep on loosening the braid downward and spread out the braid with your fingers. Braid the three tails at the bottom by pushing and loosening the knots to make the braid look squiggly.
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