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Asymmetrical Bangs


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Bangs are the best way of styling the hair which can make or spoil a whole hairstyle. Asymmetrical bangs can be a very difficult hairstyling step for most of the woman if they are doing it on their own. There are few important methods that must be followed to create asymmetrical bangs or you may spoil the look of the hairstyle. Try to cut the hair using exceptionally sharp scissors as it can remove the whole section of hair in one stroke.
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First brush the hair to get rid of tangles and divide front section of hair to cut into bangs. Comb the hair forward and avoid cutting the hair when it is wet. Take the scissors in your hand and avoid pulling the hair taut. Start cutting the section of your hair to nose-length to create the bangs. Slide the scissors around the hair in a cutting position and angle it at a diagonal angle. Make sure you to pull the hair slightly and are hold the scissors at the desired angle. Now gently make the cut and discard the loose hair. Then shake the fringe with your fingers and trim the hair which is too long. Hold the scissors up-and-down and raise it to your bangs. Create small snips throughout your bangs to trim the hair and shake the hair after every two or three snips. Use the same type of trimming process till you get the length and angle you are looking for.
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