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Perming Short Hair


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Perming short hair is usually considered to be very difficult by most of them as it can prove to be a disaster or a miracle. It usually depends on the hair genetics that helps to have a great curly perm and even incase the hair is short. There are good perm techniques that can used on the short hair and you will be able to create these looks with a few important methods. Here is a simple method that can be followed while perming short hair.
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First brush the clean hair and roll it into perming rods and make sure to wind hair in a natural pattern. Then wrap a towel around the base of your hair and forehead to avoid the perming solution from dripping. Apply the perming solution over the rods and make the perm specific to short hair to have more relaxed curls than tight ones. Leave the perm on your hair for the specified amount of time mentioned on the curling kit and rinse the curls. Now you must neutralize the hair carefully by saturating each rod and wait for the specified amount of time for the neutralizer to take effect. Start unrolling the perming rods and then rinse the neutralizer on the hair completely. Next condition your hair and blow dry it before ending the styling process. Avoid using the perming kit that has been designed for longer hair lengths and make sure to follow the kit instructions strictly.
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