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Curling Synthetic Braids


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Synthetic hair is used to create different types of hairstyles and it also needs very less maintenance. These braids can stay up to two months on your head without needing any styling products. But, the main drawback of using this hair is that you cannot use any curling iron or other hair tool that causes heat as it can melt it. Here are few simple steps that will help to curl synthetic braids.
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To create curly synthetic braids, you must take boiling water in a small container and then take a small number of braids to add a roller on each of the ends of your hair. Use small amount of braids to give the hair a pronounced curl and use rollers which are not harsh with the hot water. Roll your entire hair and dip the rolled braid into the container of boiled water. Next pull it out after it is immersed in the water for a minute and wrap a towel around the hair. Start wrapping the braids with a large towel to absorb all the excess water and then wait until your braids are dry to remove the rollers. Rolling your hair can take about15-30 minutes which usually depend upon the length of the hair on the head. Also keep a large towel on the floor to make the water dripping from the hair fall on it. Avoid using flexi-rod style and hard plastic rollers to roll the hair.
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