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Multi-Highlight Hairstyle


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Adding mulit-highlights on your hair can give a very interesting look. This hairstyle can be created with two at-home hair highlighting kits that can be purchased from a grocery store. Try to use complementary colors which have the same tonal range for the highlights. Use highlighting cap during the styling process or get help from a hairstylist to apply the highlights evenly.
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To create mulit-highlight hairstyle, first drape the towel over your clothes as the highlights contain bleach which can damage your clothing. Try to wash your hair before the styling process and make it completely dry. Then mix up the shades of highlight as per the directions on the kit and use only half of each color. Mix half of the liquid from each kit into a two small glass bowl and apply the highlight from the bowls. Use a highlighting cap on your head and pull the hair strands through the holes in the cap using the hair hook. Wear the gloves before applying the highlights on your hair and while not using the highlighting cap, apply the dye randomly wherever is needed. You must use the brush or gloved fingers to apply the dye through each strand. Use darker shade lower on your head and lighter shade higher on your crown just like the hair would naturally be highlighted by sun. Leave the hair for the time mentioned on the highlighting kit and then rinse the hair with water.
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