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Low Side Ponytail


low side ponytail low side ponytail2
A low side ponytail is mostly worn by all the women who have a long hair. It is a classic hairstyle that can be a perfect choice for any occasion. This hairstyle is very easy to master and perfect for daytime as well as evening events. It can be made more attractive by adding barrettes, curling the ends or pinning it up.
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To get this style, first spread a golf-ball sized portion of gel all over the hair starting from the roots to the tips. Then blow dry the hair with a round brush to add lift at the root to add volume. After the hair gets completely dry, lift up a two inch wide section of hair at the crown. Tease the hair with a teasing comb by stroking it downward across the back of your lifted section of hair from the mid-shaft toward the roots. Use the same process on the section of hair that is directly beneath the one that was just teased. Create a deep side part in the hair using a teasing comb and brush top layer of hair using a round brush to smooth out the surface roughness. Now take all of your hair behind the ear at the opposite side of your head from the part that was just made and secure it using a elastic band. At last spritz the low side ponytail with hairspray and mainly over the side-swept front as well as back sections.
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