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Asian Hair Bun


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Creating Asian bun can give an appeasing looks on any type of hair that is medium to long. This hairstyle can be created with a chopstick or even without a chopstick at the center of the head. It is mostly worn by geisha characters and there are many celebrities who like to wear this style to get a unique look. This hairstyle is the best way to wear the hair up, but you must practice it properly.
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To create an Asian bun, take the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and hold it with your hand. Then take a chopstick and rest it on top the ponytail. The chopstick must be used close to your head and centered over the ponytail. Next wrap the ponytail around chopstick and pull the end of your ponytail down to make it point toward the ground. Start twisting the chopstick once in a clockwise direction and make that your ponytail does not fall off from end of the chopstick. Push chopstick through your bun until an equal amount of the stick emerges from both side of the bun to create an appealing look. Now use a second chopstick from the opposite direction of first chopstick to create an X-shaped look. The second chopstick must be placed in the same angle as the first one with the high end kept on the same side as the first chopstick and vice versa.
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