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Hairstyle With Chunky Lowlights


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Chunky lowlights can be added to your hair to get a more natural look. This style can be the perfect choice for those who are looking to create a more dramatic look by using larger sections of hair for coloring. The coloring effect is also known as chunking that can be achieved like adding highlights, but with darker color.
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Keep a protective towel around your shoulders and secure it at the front neck area. Set the foil pieces which are about 5 inch-wide and it will be used as one for each chunk of the hair to color. Each foil section must be as long as your hair and it must be put in a stack to the right hand side. Mix the hair color along with developer and shake it lightly to blend. Start weaving large chunks of hair using an up and under motion with the longer end of the comb opposite to the teeth. The hair which is left on top of a comb must be lowlighted. Spread a small amount of hair color as it can be enough to saturate your hair piece. The hair color will be always thinner than the bleach for highlights, so rub the color using your hand. Take foil piece to fold it and leave a small piece visible at the scalp area. Continue the weaving process to get the next piece to be colored. Leave the hair for some time and wash the hair with a color-protecting shampoo.
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