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Military Fade Haircut


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The military fade is a haircut which is known to be conservative as well as easily manageable. It can be worn by both men and women. This hairstyle is mostly worn by men in armed services. In this style, the hair will be cut all over to a length about one-sixteenth of an inch. The bottom portions of your head will be shaved close to the scalp and then fade upward to your crown where it will remain at one-sixteenth of an inch.
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First brush the hair completely and keep the highest guard on electric razor. Start shaving your head all the way around and continue horizontally from back to front of the head. Now you will have the hair in size about sixteenth of an inch or a crew cut length all over. The crown of the head will usually remain this length. Next keep the lowest guard on the clippers and cut at the bottom of the head horizontally. Cut the hair in long horizontal rows till you reach about one inch from top of your ears. Now place second lowest guard on the electric razor and cut it in horizontal rows around the head from where you stopped the cut with the lowest guard about one inch from top of your ears. Continue this process until you reach about two inches above top of your ears. At last clean up any lines that are left in your hair by going through with the razor guard.
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