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Tall Mohawk


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Tall Mohawk is a hairstyle that can give a very unique look. There are many people who like to wear different hairstyle to look unique and one of them is a Mohawk hairstyle and it can be made more attractive by wearing tall on top of your head. It can give a unique look as well as make you stand out in the crowd. Mohawks is considered to be very difficult to maintain and you can make the Mohawk stand up taller with few important techniques.
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First, wash the hair and dry it with a towel. Separate the hair into sections using a comb to get rid of any tangles. Then spread a sculpting wax all over the hair generously and cover each strand of hair which will make it stand tall. Next brush the hair up and mist it with a hairspray. Leave the section to dry using a hair dryer which was combed up and try to comb it up straight. Use the flat iron with the hottest setting and flatten a part of the section close to your head. Then gently work your way up. Continue to spray the hair and straightening each part of the Mohawk until it stands up straight. At last mist the hair with a large amount of hairspray and make sure it covers the entire Mohawk to add more hold. You can also use a school glue to style the hair and it can also make the hair stand tall.
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