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Eight-Strand Braid


eight-strand braid eight-strand braid2
Eight-strand braids are usually worn by many women only for special occasions. This hairstyle usually looks very difficult to achieve, but it can be created easily with additional steps with the standard braiding process. In this hairstyle, there will be eight strands of hair that will be used for braiding just like a traditional hair braid. Most of the celebrities like to style their hair in this way for special events as it can give a attractive look. It can be a perfect choice for events such as weddings.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair fully and start your styling process on a damp hair. Then brush the hair back of the head and take a three inch wide section of hair. Next divide it into eight equally sized strands. Now take two sections in your left hand and other strands in the right hand. Start crossing the first strand over first three strands which follows and pull them together snugly. Then take a hair strand on the far-right side under both strands of hair and under middle strand. Next take the far-left strand under the strand that is at the right side and under your center strand to make it center strand. Now Take more hair from right side of the head and add it along with the strand which is at the far right. Continue this process till the end of the hair to end the styling process.
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