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Kim Kardashian With Slicked-Back Hair


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Kim Kardashian has got a slicked-back hairstyle that is a standard anime-boy style. It is mostly worn by the street-punk characters as well as a teenage-girl. It is very easy to create this style if you have added some bangs in your hair which can be sleeked back on top of your head. This hairstyle is very easily achieved any type of hair and even if the length is short. It is known to be a perfect choice of hairstyle while going out on a date or few particular events.
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To achieve this style, begin the styling process after washing your hair using a shampoo and condition it as usual. Make the hair to dry on its own or you can use a towel to dry the hair. Then spread a generous amount of hair gel over your hand and apply it all over your hair. Next push your hair back into a slick style and try to spread the gel over the roots of your hair to create a foundation for this hairstyle. Now use a hairdryer to make the hair set in its position and try to use it all over your hair. Then apply a little amount of silicone-based shine serum over the hair using your hands that will make the hair weigh at the back of your head and it will add more shine. Finally spritz all over your hair with a medium-hold hairspray to get rid of any flyaways.
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