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A bob haircut is worn by most of the women from a very long time. This hairstyle is known to be very easy to care for as it is usually style with a short hair. You can modify this hairstyle in different versions to make it look unique as well as attractive.
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To get this hairstyle, keep a towel on your shoulder and divide the hair into seven parts such as left side, right side, left nape, right nape, left crown, right crown and top. Use barrettes or hairpins to secure the sections. Now take the top section loosely using the index and middle fingers to cut it as per your desire. Then take the nape section and brush the hair out. Start cutting to the desired length from the back and move toward the front. Use this method on the other side of your nape. Next take down right side, left side, left crown, right crown and brush it out the section to cut it as the same length you cut near the nape. Use the technique on all the four sections and cut back to front. Now take the top section and part it down the middle of your head. Brush it out and cut it back to front in the same length as the previous sections. Finally wash the hair and comb it fully. Blow dry your hair and style it as per your desire. Try to cut any strands of hair that come out.
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