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Root Braid Hairstyle


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The hair can be braided in different styles and one of them is the root braid that can be worn at least for a week. This hairstyle can be designed in different versions and it can be loose or tight against the scalp. It is known to be the most unique way of styling the hair that depends on how tight the braid is created and close to your root.
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To get this hairstyle, wash your hair fully and apply a leave in conditioner all over. Brush the hair using a wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles and separate the hair into sections. Comb each separate section of the hair and part it in the direction there the hair will be braided. Secure the portions of hair which not used for styling and use a fine tooth comb to part loose hair into small sections. Brush the hair that will be braided and remove any remaining tangles that may be out of place. Take a small section of hair as close to your root and separate the hair into three even sections. Take the hair from the right hand to cross it over the middle section of hair and take the hair from middle hand to cross it over the right section. Use the same method to the rest of the hair and secure each braided section close to the scalp each time the sections of hair is crossed over each other.
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