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Coloring Remy Hair


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Remy hair is usually made of a high grade of real hair and the cuticles are normally left intact to give a completely natural appearance. These types of hair can be washed, colored or even heated with curling irons and other tools. Coloring a Remy hair can give a really interesting look and it can be the best choice if you are styling the hair without damaging it.
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To color a Remy hair, first wash it using a shampoo and leave it to dry naturally for a day. Then cover top of the Styrofoam mannequin head using the Remy hair and secure it with T-pins. Brush through the hair using a wide-tooth comb to remove knots or tangles. Now mix the color in a plastic bowl as per the manufacturer’s directions and start applying the color over the Remy hair with the hair brush. Make sure to wear gloves in your hand before applying the hair color and cover all the strands of hair from root to tip. Leave the Remy hair to set for 20 minutes and avoid over-processing it which may lead to breakage. Take the T-pins out of the hair and rinse the hair with warm water. Now apply a after-dye conditioner all over the hair and rinse the conditioner after sometime. Then secure the hair back on the mannequin head and remove the excess water from the hair using a towel. Blow dry the hair with low setting.
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