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Razor Haircut


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Razor haircut can be the perfect way to control long hairstyle. This style can give a edgy and fun look that can be attractive. Razor blades are usually used to thin the bottoms of hair to make it lighter as well as easy to mold and style. It is very important to find and use a quality razor comb to get a razor haircut longer. Here is a simple method to get a razor haircut.

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To make a razor haircut, first use a flat iron all over the hair to make it straight. Use the razor comb gently over the section of hair where you want to start the layers and slowly work all the down towards the strand of hair by swishing razor comb over and over. The size of the section usually depends on what type of look you want such as an inch for chunky layers and quarter inch for finer layers. Use the same method of cutting the hair around the entire head. Use razor comb to shape your hair around the face and avoid cutting the hair much from the bottom layers as you will lose length. At last mist the hair with a hairspray and shake it out using your hands to get a shaggy look. Use a hair wax to mold the ends of hair into curls or you can also keep it straight. But always make sure to end the styling with a hairspray.
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