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Ashley Tisdale With Jagged Hair


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Ashley Tisdale is wearing a jagged hair that is a perfect way to style the hair which will not be too long or too short. In this hairstyle, the hair will be in a jaw-length along with jagged as well as chunky layers over the head. This style with bangs can give a beautiful look, but it is considered only as optional by many most of the time. It is a perfect style for those who want to have a versatile and easy to care haircut. This hairstyle is very to achieve without going to a saloon, but to create it perfectly get help from a hairstylist.
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To create this style, first part your hair at the center of your head and then take small section of the hair near the nape of your neck. Take the remaining hair straight down and cut it into sections. Make a ear to ear parting and brush the hair down. Next brush the side section of hair down joining at the back to the front of your head. Now take a small section as per your desire to create a fringe with the hairstyle and part sectioned hair which will be cut in the center. Begin the hair cutting on an angle towards downward and continue to the other side. Finally use the hair straightener to make your hair straight and complete the styling process. This hairstyle can look good on both men and women.
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