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Taking Care Of Matted Hair


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Matted hair can be very difficult to maintain as you must be able to unravel the hair without cutting it. There are many women who face this problem if they have a very long hair and it can also give a bad hair day. Here is a simple process that can be helpful in detangling a matted hair.
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First look at your and find the reason why it has become matted. Sometimes the hair will become matted when it is not being brushed regularly and natural shedding will not allow to fall. The loose hair can create huge tangles and knotting several times. The matting can become worse if your hair is damaged. When the cuticle becomes smooth, hair strands will slide past each other very easily and the best way to make it easier is by adding oil or lubricant to your hair. Oils such as olive oil, mineral oil, coconut oil, hot oil treatment can be used or oil mixes such as Hot Six Oil are also helpful. Saturate matting with oil, a conditioning cap and apply heat for thirty minutes to make the hair to soak and loosen. Next comb your hair from the bottom of the matted area and try to loosen only tiny clumps of hairs. You can also use a salon quality product to detangle the matted hair. There are few conditioners that contain excellent detangling properties. In case all these methods fail to detangle your hair, get help from a hairstylist.
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